Catherine has a fantastic energy. She’s smart, approachable, clever, and nimble. Catherine recently prepared and facilitated a tremendously useful session for our staff of 10 people on the topic of giving and receiving feedback. The content of the session was spot-on for our needs and it’s clear that Catherine took the time to learn about our team and our organization’s culture. Everyone learned something new and came away with new tactics and had a lot of fun. Catherine brings the perfect mix of instruction, facilitation, and coaching to her work. I look forward to working with her again soon!

-Bobbi Russell

Since I’ve known her, Catherine has been my go-to person – whether it be a complicated project, personal advice, collaboration requiring creativity or simply a pep-talk. Together, we’ve led volunteer teams, headed up a variety of projects, and delivered facilitation training to association professionals. In addition to being smart, funny, creative and thoughtful, she is also an old soul with a depth of understanding of things that most people never quite figure out. Sure, we’re friends so I may seem biased – but I don’t have time to be friends with slackers: I respect Catherine for her work ethic, ability to navigate interpersonal trickiness and general positive approach to life. And she’s almost as funny as I am, so that makes all our interactions good for my soul.

-Libby Bingham, MBA, CAE

Director of Education and Mentoring Programs, American Inns of Court

If anyone, and I mean anyone, would ask me what I think of Catherine Wemette’s professional impact I’d simply say, “Well, if you want to be really successful then you’d better include Catherine!”  Catherine is natural talent.  The All-Star of business savvy.  I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Catherine and she consistently exceeded my expectations; taking strategic initiatives to higher levels and always a pleasure to collaborate with.  She brings great energy to the team and her communications skills are top notch.  Highest of recommendations! 

– Karen Thrall

Human Catalyst and Business Coach, Karen Thrall, Inc.


What clients say about Catherine as a coach:

You’ve been so helpful in helping me navigate a new and complex work culture. You were able to provide resources or things to do to help me – it was more than just talking about the issues, but finding actionable things to do to help me. You asked insightful questions and helped me get to the root of what the issue was and move forward.

-Heba, Coaching Client


Coaching sessions afforded me an hour each week to turn off everything else and focus on my goals, priorities and challenges with you.  They are 60 minutes in the week–uninterrupted time that allowed me to be thoughtful. You are incredible at processing what your clients share with you and allowing them to think and work through things on their own while being present and offering your insight. 

-Nonprofit Executive


The patience, warmth, and safe environment you create from the opening moments of every session is a welcome retreat from the chaos and stress of everyday work/life. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the first moments of our first session where you had me practice deep breathing, I realized I was more relaxed in that moment than I had been in months. The same held true for every session. I cannot say enough good things about your strengths as a coach, as a listener, as an advocate. Those who find you are lucky.

-Lauren, Coaching Client


What participants say about Catherine as a trainer and speaker:

[Feedback] can be a dull subject – but Catherine made it fun and entertaining. I was dreading this session, but in the end I appreciated it and had an enjoyable time – not to mention I learned a lot of great things I will use going forward. (January 2020)

Great job to Catherine. She was engaging, knowledgeable and well-prepared. (January 2020)

Her sense of humor and ability to tell stories kept me interested and made the material very practical and accessible. (March 2017)

I liked that the session was highly interactive. The presenter was good at facilitating conversation, and I liked the diverse format — it wasn’t just lecture-style or just group discussion. (March 2017)

I felt energized all three days – mostly from having an energetic coach! (February 2017)

Catherine always does a a great job facilitating and is very organized and energetic. (September 2016)

Catherine is an excellent facilitator. She created a safe place for us and kept us laughing – very important! (September 2016)

Alternating between slides, group discussions, group questions and learning partners was a great choice. Much better than just lecturing at the front of the group. (June 2016)

When working as part of a team…

Both ladies included humor and changes to the program pace to improve the learning experience. It was clear that they had prepared and coordinated the presentation extremely well. I am impressed.(July 2015)

They are a great team and very evenly matched in terms of subject matter expertise and their ability to engage and hold an audience’s attention. They made the day interesting and fun. Bravo! (July 2015)

Excellent facilitation! The course was a perfect blend of knowledge, best practices, a good sense of humor and small group work/interaction!! Well done, ladies! (December 2014)

Both presenters were well informed, engaging, and displayed content expertise. (December 2014)