Inside My Head

Push It Real Good

You know who’s bringing their advertising game? GEICO Insurance. I’ll admit that I find these commercials funnier than I probably should, but they’re just so damn good. I love Ickey Woods and his cold cuts celebration and I’m quite frankly surprised it took a company as long as it did to work Salt and Pepper telling people to push it real good into an ad (or maybe the price was finally just right).

I love Ickey’s cold cut dance because I think we could all use a little more of that in our lives. Why shouldn’t we celebrate when our number is called? Your wait is over, friend – whoop it up! There’s no reason not to high-five your spouse when all your bills are paid for the month – your streak of being responsible adults is still intact! Your meeting ended a full 7 minutes early? Fist-bump for some newly found time! And why shouldn’t you enjoy some 80s nostalgia when practicing your Lamaze breathing? Oo, baby, baby…push it real good! Sure, we all need some sort of insurance (it’s the responsible adult thing to do, after all), but can’t we have a little fun while we do the right thing?

“I’m pushing it real good!”

Full disclosure: I’m a State Farm customer, so perhaps we can talk about effectiveness and the main goal of advertising another time. For now, I’m just going to enjoy GEICO’s ads, thanks very much.

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