Gabriel New Friends

Introducing Gabriel Oigbokie

Gabriel Oigbokie came into my life a few years ago as I was setting up a new location for John Fluevog Shoes and I quickly became a fan. While Gabriel is younger enough than I am to officially be of a different generation, he’s a wonderfully old soul who has clearly put in the time to figure out what’s important to him and who he wants to be in life. Time and circumstances may change how we look at the world, and while Gabriel is flexible and open to new adventures, he remains solidly rooted in his values. One of the things I admire most about Gabriel is his genuine enjoyment of life. He is great about being in the moment and looking for what’s right about whatever is happening at that point in time. While we’ve never actually done improv together, Gabriel would be a partner I’d want. His positivity and ability to be in the moment means he’s all about the “yes, and…” He will hear an idea or concept and jump right in there with you to build on it and make it better, stronger or funnier. During an afternoon with one other person, we created a fictional company that specialized in security and Nicolas Cage. And while I don’t necessarily know what specializing in Nicolas Cage means, we knew it would be amazing. That’s the spirit of “yes, and…” and the spirit of Gabriel.

So without further ado, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the wise and talented Gabriel Oigbokie.

Graduation celebration fun with Gabriel and his lovely lady, Brae

Blogging became an interest of mine that never really took any form of physical execution. Yet when my former colleague, Catherine, approached me with the opportunity, I jumped at it. There’s always been a small part of me that believed I could be a philosopher or psychiatrist, or at least use my love of words and chatting to help others. The way I see it, a little southern swagger can always be appreciated. Growing up in Memphis, TN, I had always been ahead of the curve. Well at least slightly more than most. This posed a pretty large problem for me because there was no one I could truly look to as an example of what I wanted to be or what I could eventually become. On top of the general self-loathing that stemmed solely from this dilemma, my polar opposite immigrant father and spunky southern mother were there to make it all the easier. Such a fruitful and cultivated experience brought me to this conclusion: know yourself.

Knowing yourself is the first step to greatness. Think about this: how can you sell anything to anyone if you don’t know the product? Figuring out what you know and are capable of can only make you more valuable. And who says I’m getting it right? No one. But I know myself, what I can do, and what I want to do. For me, that’s good start.

And finally, after all the introspective mumbo jumbo, it’s time you all come to know me. I don’t even know if this was even supposed to be in this post. But hey, when I’m in the mood, there’s no stopping it. Now back to the good stuff. I’m a recent college graduate (Go GW Colonials!) whose passion for writing and people come across almost instantaneously should we ever become acquainted. I’m not as interesting as Libby just yet, with her living in Switzerland and whatnot. But I definitely have something to offer and maybe a little bit more. I thank Catherine for the platform to be heard and you all especially for listening.

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