Karen New Friends

Introducing Karen Thrall

When Karen came into my life in 2012, it was as if she’d always been there. This was one of those rare relationships where I felt comfortable immediately and knew from the start I could trust her. And that’s Karen. She is a force. Karen’s interest and desire to know who she is talking to is so strong, you can’t help but be pulled in, and in sharing about yourself, you get to know her, too. She creates a safe space where it’s not only okay for you to be who you are, it’s genuinely what she wants – the authentic you. While this sounds like it can be intense – and it is – it’s intensity in the very best way. In getting to know you, Karen comes to want the best for you, but it’s not a best that’s imposed by someone else. She’s most interested in what’s best for you, and someone who is cheering for you in that way is an amazing gift. And while she’s getting to know you, she graciously shares her infectious enthusiasm, her amazing laugh, her wisdom and her let’s-give-it-a-try attitude. I always feel better after talking to her (even if I was feeling pretty good already), and I’m honored to call her a friend. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know her, too.

Karen and her pal, Mickey
Karen and her pal, Mickey

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”

I am addicted to learning. Anywhere, anytime, anyone. There are stories unfolding everywhere I go. I am a student. And the world is my teacher.

Whether I’m buying my Earl Grey tea from a barista, walking the city streets of Vancouver, hitting a little white ball in the green hills of a golf course, cycling through the trails and streets of urban living, choosing the best scallops at the market, walking the seawall with friends, laughing with my children, captivated by the soul of great musicians, smitten by a movie, charmed by an author, whatever it may be – people and their stories surround me.

I have the wonderful privilege of working for an extraordinary luxury footwear company, John Fluevog Shoes, directing both Retail Sales and the Culture and Community of the people who are connected with the brand. I lead a team of 19 managers and direct the growth and success of 127 employees in both Canada and the United States. I report directly to the owner/designer John Fluevog. He is an inspiration to me. One of the most creative individuals I know.

I tend to learn, what people may view as, the hard way. Throw me into deep waters and I’ll figure out how to swim. My favourite part of business is not knowing. Not knowing is the exhilarating opportunity to learn, to grow, to explore, to figure it out. Embarking on the unknown and celebrating how far we’ve come – together – this is good for the soul. We high-five our victories and develop strength through our defeats.

Stories. Your story. They are invaluable and immeasurable. The greatest wisdom I’ve gleaned always comes through stories. They impact us, challenge us, confront us, empower us.

I’m thankful to be part of this writing team and look forward to joining this blogging adventure.

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