Throw Some Glitter, Make it Rain

Some mornings are harder than others for me to get out of bed (okay, okay – most mornings). I love the idea of being a morning person, but it’s just not me. I’m much more of a second wind in the evening sort of gal, though that’s not necessarily the best schedule for everything I like to get done in a day. So on days like today when the alarm goes off and I hit snooze (three times if we’re being honest), I need a little extra help. And that’s easiest for me to find in my playlists.

Music is important to me. It has the power to transport me to another time in my life, make me feel connected to something bigger and most importantly for me, music makes me want to have fun. I love the songs where you can’t help but sing along and dance around while you’re getting ready for the day. I’ve been accused of having the musical taste of a tween and I’m okay with that. There’s something to the catchy pop beats, easy-to-sing lyrics and the raw emotions found in these songs. Sure, they’re mass produced and there probably hasn’t been a truly original song in the past couple decades, but I’ll take them just the same. I like other genres of music, too, but my 25 most played give me away. You’ll find Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Miranda Lambert, Kanye West, Fall Out Boy and an embarrassing amount of Britney Spears (she’s got 8 of the top 25 slots). These songs all help me set a tone for the day and transition from my morning workout to breakfast to getting ready for the day. I love the inspiration to have fun, kick some ass and enjoy doing it all – what more can you ask for from a playlist?

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