T. Swift

I can’t get enough of 1989, Taylor Swift’s new album. Yes, I am in my mid-thirties and yes, I am woman enough to admit Blank Space and Out of the Woods are my jams at the moment. I can’t listen to these and not enjoy the hell out of them. They’re great volume-turned-up-loud, singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-when-no-one-else-is-around songs. And the video for Blank Space is pretty fun. You’ve got to admire a woman who’s honest about herself and how quickly she can turn the tables. I think when we’re honest with ourselves, we can all be a bit of nightmare dressed as daydream from time to time.

What’s just as amazing as her music, however, is the empire she’s built for herself all while seeming to have a genuinely good time doing it all. Dan Rosensweig, of Yahoo and Guitar Hero company fame, recently wrote about Taylor Swift’s CEO Triple Crown achievement – founder, CEO and entrepreneur all wrapped into one. And while the business accomplishments are impressive (1.2 million album sales in the first week of release and the only album to do so this year), he highlights “her clarity of purpose and willingness to do what she believes to be the right thing,” despite what the industry may want of her and for her to be. While we all may not have the same measures of success that Taylor Swift enjoys, I think the takeaway is the same: be true to yourself and what you think is the right thing to do and the rest will follow. And who knows? 1.2 million people may just follow you as well.

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