Awesomeness in the World

The Platinum Rule

We’re all familiar with the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. There’s a lot to be said for this, and while it’s definitely a philosophy that won’t lead you astray, I would argue that there’s another rule that will serve you even better: put out into the world what you would like to get back from the world. I suppose some would suggest that’s karma, but I think it’s a bit more proven than karma (which, for the record, I also believe in, but that’s another post), so I’m going to go ahead and make it the Platinum Rule.

Putting out into the world what you would like to get back from the world means you are an active participant in bringing things into your life rather than simply having life happen to you. You’ll find yourself surrounded by people who support your worldview – not in a mindless groupthink way, but by those who share your values. When you are genuinely interested in those around you, you will attract people who want to know the real you. When you are positive, you attract people who believe anything is possible. If you take risks, entrepreneurs and those who seek adventure will find you. If you enjoy talking about people behind their backs, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who will be happy to talk about you when you leave the room. The Platinum Rule reminds us that we should treat people well because we value them as individuals – not just because we want to be treated well.

I am personally drained by negativity. I find it exhausting, unproductive and, quite frankly, not very much fun. I need positive energy – I crave it and thrive off it, and it seems a little greedy to want it and not put the same energy back out there. I find that the more positive energy I release into the universe, the more comes back to me. I find that the negative people aren’t much interested in being around me – believing that you can change your life and have a say in how things play out is equally exhausting for them. Karen’s post on beautiful awkwardness is a great example of the Platinum Rule.

So if you find yourself underwhelmed by what’s taking place in your life right now, consider exploring how you can put out more of what you’d like to see come back – generosity, kindness, strength, understanding, patience. I guarantee you it will be time well spent.

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