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Make Your Mark: Creation is Life

The wind blew ferociously this particular night. I decided to cut through the lesser lit residential streets of Georgetown on my way home from a long day at work. Of course, after enjoying myself so thoroughly in New York City not long ago, the responsibility of work had definitely shown its ugly head for the last five or six days. A bit drained from all the hoopla of designer podiatry, I finally arrived at my girlfriend’s place for dinner.

There was a good bit of talk centering on the artist Kanye West while we were in New York, enough for me to walk in on my girlfriend watching his performance at SNL’s 40th Anniversary show almost a week later. The taping of that performance also corresponded with the release of his new Yeezy sneaker under the Adidas brand that same weekend. And the shoe will soon be accompanied by a clothing line also created by West that he revealed at NYC Fashion Week (a video of which we subsequently watched).

Most of this seemingly irrelevant information was provided (or thrust upon me) by my fanatical significant other. Don’t get me wrong – Kanye West is one of my favorite musical artists and innovators, yet lately, I’ve been a little turned off by his antics and careers decisions. But near the beginning of the video of his fashion show, over a black screen, he speaks on creation and artistry. He says that we have become afraid to truly create, to be on the front lines of “the new.” Right then, it all made sense to me. Every ridiculous attempt to make his mark on the fashion industry, however sourly received by the public, had led to this moment: creation.

Why should we feel limited or restrained? I understand now why West moves through life the way he does. Creation is power and beauty. It is life. Civilization, life as we know it, would be nothing without creation. Creation is the engine that propels life. So never be afraid to create. Leave you mark. Let someone know you were there. Let them know you are here. Create something and see what happens. Kanye did it, and his mark has definitely been made. I mean, he married the lead Kardashian.

– Gabriel Oigbokie

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