Awesomeness in the World

Gold Star for You!

Gold StarOne of my friends and I often lament the lack of gold stars for being an adult. Not that I’d like to pay fines and go to jail, but every now and again, couldn’t we get a positive incentive for us to do what we need to do as adults? In between doing our jobs well, making healthy food and exercise choices, being good partners and friends, raising happy kids, sending thank you notes, getting car inspections, going to the doctor, paying bills, getting enough sleep, donating our time and money, keeping up with the news, running errands and so on and so on, it’s exhausting. Let’s just be honest. Being an adult and doing everything we’re supposed to do is a lot of work without a whole lot of thanks. So here’s to you today – a big gold star for being awesome and doing everything you do!

Who do you know who could use a gold star?

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