Awesomeness in the World Karen

Curiously Engaging

Karen CuriosityWhen curiosity and engagement are interwoven and lived out simultaneously, it creates this magical wonder we call: being present

What does it look like to curiously engage?

  • You are approachable.
  • You ask questions.
  • You are personable.
  • You explore conversations.
  • You laugh freely.
  • You open yourself up to new experiences.
  • You pursue understanding
  • You expand your knowledge.
  • You radiate safety and warmth.
  • You extend respect easily.
  • You appreciate more.
  • You welcome camaraderie.
  • You create community.
  • You express belonging.
  • You offer space for others to be known.

And the cool part is – while gallivanting around in curious engagement – you become contagious. Not a bad return on investment!!

May I suggest that curiosity be viewed as a verb rather than a noun? When curiosity is a thing it loses its power. When curiosity is alive, it is a blazing unstoppable force that opens doors you never thought imaginable.

-Karen Thrall

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