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Something Old, Something New

Chipotlé is usually a once a month sort of thing for me. One can only handle so many burrito bowls. Yet as of late, visits to said establishment have been especially pleasant, given how much I enjoy these little anecdote-like essays printed on the bags. Catherine and I had a moment maybe a month or two ago about said brown paper bags. After reading a pretty funny one by Aziz Ansari about buying the best toothbrush out there, I sent a picture of the bag to Catherine. She then replied with another picture of another one she had cut out and pinned to her cork board. It was that moment I knew this was meant to be, but I digress.

I recently had my monthly Chipolté, and this particular brown paper bag spoke loud and clear to me. It told a fable of a man who everyday walked from his home to the nearest well to get water for his family. He used two pots which hung from a wooden post he carried across his shoulders. One of the pots his wife had bought for him in the market not one year ago. The other he had had for a number of years. It had many signs of wear including chips and cracks, yet the man refuse to give it up. The pot would only have half the water it started with when the man left the well. One day the pot, embarrassed for its inadequacy, asked the man why he had not gotten rid of it yet. The man said nothing until he began to walk the path he took home. He then said to the pot, “look behind you.” Along the side of the path where the pot leaked water, a trail of flowers and green plants grew. The man told the pot he planted seeds where water had nourished the land. This was the reason he held on to his old pot.

I really connected with the story on this brown paper bag. I thought old things can always breathe new life into current situations. I guess people have always looked to the past to help predict the future. But learning the most you can from a previous scenario, however relevant it is, is the key to utilizing something old to help you with something new. Remember that awesome graphic tee of your favorite rock band or hip hop MC you got years ago? Things like that, you never give up. Birthday boy out. (Catherine’s Note: Feel free to wish Gabriel a happy belated birthday and mark your calendar for next year – it was April 1.) 🙂

– Gabriel Oigbokie

Bonus Chipotle Bags

Gabriel’s Chipotle Bag – Why do we always want the best?
Catherine’s Chipotle Bag – Don’t be a jerk.

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