Inside My Head Karen

Believe and Trust


Every December, before the new year begins, I contemplate what the next theme will be; what journey will I embark on; what learnings will I experience; what stories will unfold.

It hit me with strength and clarity as I sat looking out over the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver:  My theme for 2015 is #Believe&Trust.

Believe:  Believe in your present and in your future with expectancy; with hope; with confidence.

Trust:  Trust with relentless surrender in the very things you long for; trust the path you are on.

Believe and Trust in the uncommon and the extraordinary.  The remarkable.

In reflecting, I think Believe and Trust are some of the hardest verbs to surrender to:

  • They are our bane and our delight.
  • They haunt us and exhilarate us.
  • They unsettle us and draw us to peace.
  • They disturb us and heal us.
  • We shame ourselves when we lack them and are content when we lavish in them.

Believe and Trust meld us into raw vulnerability.  Inviting us to surrender over and over and over again.  Not easy…

Perhaps to Believe and to Trust means to let go of control, just a little more.  Doors will open and doors will close.  And all will be well.

Is there an area in your life where this resonates with you?

Sometimes we allow our circumstances to thwart our confidence. We’ll let conversations, moments and environments infect us with doubt. Whatever is going on in your life right now doesn’t define you – it shapes you. And this is good. Valuable. Your life is a series of chapters – being woven into your story. And the reader, captivated, turns each page with wonder to see what happens next.

Believe. And trust.

-Karen Thrall

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