Inside My Head Karen

Carefree Moments

UmbrellaIt was a rainy morning. I was in my car, approaching an elementary school. I saw something so full of life. My curiosity heightened. I had to pull over. And watch.

A little girl was walking through the open field, heading to school. She carried a bright pink umbrella. The winds were powerful. All of a sudden, its force grabbed the umbrella from her little hands.

The umbrella starts rolling and jumping across the field.

She chases it…


The wind became her playmate.

She ran to catch her umbrella. And the wind would twirl it in the air and bounce it across the grass. This continued until at last she captures her umbrella.

She tilts her head back, with a big smile on her face, as though she were saying “Oh Wind! You are so silly.

Her laughter made me laugh. I smiled. And drove away.

A little girl reminded me to never stop living whimsically – regardless of the storm.

There is wonderful adventure awaiting us at any moment. Remind yourself, again, that you love carefree moments.

What carefree moment have you experienced in the last seven days?

– Karen Thrall

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