Jams Libby


Can we talk about the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield? First of all, this woman has some pipes. And even if you’re not a fan of pop, it is quite the catchy tune. But more than that, this is one inspirational ditty. I think it was originally introduced to me by my colleague, Megan, who is one of the most upbeat, positive, inspired people I know. I am sure it was after some confession of anxiety or self-doubt over coffee (aka martinis) that she sent me the link or had me connect to her iTunes player, and man, it did the job – I went from zero to hero just listening to it (I’m sure I cried a little, too). Since then, the song has become a touchstone for me on a pretty regular basis – it is really about having faith in yourself and forgiving yourself. We all make mistakes (some of us, ahem, more than others) but that doesn’t mean everything is an epic fail. At the very least, we are wiser from our experiences. Our futures are not static and therefore can be changed as long as we believe in ourselves. So, stop beating yourself up, take a deep breath, “open up the dirty window” and “feel the rain on your skin”…try again. Starting fresh is liberating and a great way to stay positive. Every day can be a do-over if you need it to be…the rest is still unwritten!

-Libby Bingham

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