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Kenny Rogers is That Guy

Have you ever seen those quirky Geico car insurance commercials? You know, the ones when they act out useless pieces of information that are compared to the well-known fact that fifteen minutes could save you whatever on car insurance (clearly we love those here in Good for the Soul’s Creative Community!). The embarrassing amount of TV I watch sort of makes me a self-proclaimed expert on these odd skits. Engaging recently in your classic game of phone tag (America’s favorite pastime), a friend of mine and I finally got a chance to talk and update the other on what’s happening in our lives. Something about that particular conversation reminded me of one of the commercials which featured an appearance by Kenny Rogers.

If you don’t know who Kenny Rogers is, then you should probably stop reading now. Fair warning. Classic American pop and country singer. Silver mane and goatee of the same color. Strong and hardy, yet smooth chops. Kenny is definitely a guy you want to have breakfast with, enjoying his sultry sounds while drinking OJ. The commercial that featured him showed him playing poker and singing his famous “The Gambler” to emphasis the overkill. But I began to think about the song and its lyrics after I spoke to my friend, who was considering not going through with his initial post-grad plans of going to China to study and teach.

I asked him why he decided to abandon such a solid plan, and his answer was simple: it wouldn’t make sense. He and his father have begun to build up their name into a brand back home in Memphis, having started a cigar bar empire that continues to expand. With a passion for business and a few good things going for him in Memphis, he couldn’t find a good enough reason to leave what he had started. Though he originally thought he didn’t want that, deciding to stay is the best choice, even if it might not seem like he’s moving forward. My friend now understands that his decision and the current circumstances are just an extra step in his plan for success. It just hadn’t showed up in his instructional manual yet.

So back to Kenny. Like my friend here, you’ve got to know when to fold them and when to hold them. What may seem like the worst or insensible thing to do at the time could be your best move yet. Always keep your hand strong.

– Gabriel Oigbokie

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